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Hi! Welcome to another Money Today.

So, crazy, crazy day. Let’s take a look at this. So, the crypto markets down at least 20%, in most cases closer to 30. All just happened this morning. It’s showing that it’s sort of leveling out here but that could just be a tiny little blip and it could head right back down again, especially as people start waking up and seeing what is happening here.

Something else, look at the Dow Jones down 1,700 points, so almost 2,000 points.

Gold also down. No, not quite as drastically, only 3.5%.

But when you look at all these incon—you know, together, it just doesn’t many any sense. The only thing that I’ve been able to see that makes sense is, these are computers. Now, that could be wrong – could be some sort of massive government regulation coming out.

Yes, of course we’re going to blame the coronavirus and that may be well-deserved. You know, it is causing major problems worldwide. Bur when something like this happens just that fast, you can be this is AI. This is computers. And this is what Max Keiser said many, many years ago in 2011, that we were going to see flash crashes. That when the computer decides that things are looking bad, it sees the scuttlebutt on the street, whatever, it just sells off.

And everything is selling off, and where is that money going? That is a really good question. If that money is going right back into the US dollar, considering that the president has come out and said that they were going to do whatever’s in the power, meaning put money into the system, then that would be devaluating the dollar. So, that wouldn’t necessarily be a very good place to be either.

So, all this money had to go somewhere. It would make sense that it went into fiat, at least for the short-term. But why would people want to do that? I guess we’re gonna find out.

Hopefully we’ll find out here soon what the reasons for this is. I’m just getting on here real quick to show you that it is pretty much across all of the markets. Who do you think everything’s going down at the same time? Is there a reason or is it just coronavirus?

Please leave a comment below and let’s get through this thing together.

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