DIGITAL DOLLAR. Just a recap of markets this week and a look into the digital dollar. Is it tied to USDC stable coin? Coinbase? Chainlink? Love to hear your thoughts.

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DIGITAL DOLLAR. Just a recap of markets this week and a look into the digital dollar. Is it tied to USDC stable coin? Coinbase? Chainlink? Love to hear your thoughts.

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Max: Hi, I’m Max Keiser, and this is the Kieser report. So much that we really don’t need. That’s what this whole lockdown is teaching so many millions of people. That most of their lives are wasted on stuff that’s unnecessary, costly, redundant, and doesn’t promote social good at all.  

Stacey: There is absolutely no stopping the fed and the cost, your freedom. And with each event the Government, your Government, continues to take more and more of your freedoms away and what for a $1200 check. So we have four things in this video that I would like to cover: number 1, every country around the world — this is global, this is systemic — is turning on the printing presses, and they’re cranking it out like never before.

Now first things first. Not just the Federal Reserve. We’re not talking just us. The entire world. UK, England. Like everyone is doing this. They see us and they go full scale ahead. In a historical move, the Bank of England announced this morning that it will begin to finance the short-term needs of the Treasury. And that’s what you need. You need to be on the right side of the Treasury. They’re gonna backstop you. In other words, it will directly monetize UK deficit; something central banks had for the past decade denied; isn’t that nice? Government’s like, “We will never buy securities, stocks, and then they do.

Coming from the horse’s mouth, the Federal Reserve in a press release: Federal Reserve takes additional actions to provide up to $2.3 trillion in loans, because that’s all they can do. It’s not money. It is just loans. This whole system is based on debt.

Welcome to another Money Today. So, I’ve been trying to do these on Monday because it just feels like that’s a better time to kind of take a look at the markets. The most crazy things seem to happen on Mondays or Fridays after the market closes. So it’s a good day to recap and kind of see what craziness is going on this week. I think you can see by the videos that I have already posted — some of my favorites. I’ll leave links down below.

Things are just as nonsensical as ever. And I think the most important thing during times like that is really just to try and, you have to figure it out yourself. There’s really no other way. You could take all of the information and then you could just try to piece it together and make the best sense you can. For me, I think the markets, you know of course, probably run by AI to the most extent. It would be really hard for anybody to keep an eye on all this at the same time and make sure the right amount of money here and there, and whatever.

So, I’m guessing we’ve got a good AI that’s in charge of making sure that everything’s taken care of. A lot of people are thinking, “Oh, the economy’s gone crazy,” and, you know, I’m one of the ones saying; “It’s gone crazy.” But I think it’s a very controlled crazy for the people doing it. For the rest of us, we can’t make any sense of this. Stock market going up when it shouldn’t.

Actually, let’s take a quick look at that today. Stock market’s flat. Gold’s reasonably flat. Although, try and get physical gold, not going to happen. Crypto’s reasonably flat as well. So, everything seems to be just rolling along, but we have no idea what’s gonna go up or gonna go down, you know, immediately. And it won’t make any sense most likely.

So, what is happening? What’s going on behind the scenes? Do you think that, you know, all of these national banks just printing money without any thought of what they’re going to do next? “Oh no, it’s chaos; we just have to print more money.” I’m not buying that. If you remember or have read about, none of us remember it. But, the Federal Reserve, you know when it was created; they literally came out against the Federal Reserve saying it would destroy the banks. Later they admitted, “Oh yeah, well we wrote it,” The banks wrote it.

I think that’s a lot of what’s gonna happen now. We’re in a new age, though. Things are, well they’re much different. But it doesn’t mean you can’t still keep great secrets. And I think that the system, from what we can piece together, from what I’ve looked at, we’re looking at — alright, take a look at this. I think what we’ve got is the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin; good friends with Brian Brooks. I guess they went to college together. Brian Brooks is from Coinbase. So, you got Crypto.

So, a lot of people, you’re really like, “Ah, I don’t want to know anything about Crypto. Whatever that stuff is, you know I’m just sticking to what’s real. Whatever.” Which, hey, in this time, probably owning a hard asset is one of the only things that you can have that would be hopefully the most stable. Or like if everything goes to hell, it’s still real. You still could hold onto that. Depending, I suppose there’s a lot of times when you would want something you could actually take with you. Where you can’t take a house with you, or it would even be hard to take gold with you. Which is one of the reasons why Cryptos is a good investment, for something that you could take across borders.

Man, each asset has such fundamental flaws that it’s really difficult to pick one, right? I mean, Crypto’s digital. Electricity goes away; you got nothing. Gold, it’s heavy. House, heavy. If something happens in your area and you’ve got to leave, you’re not gonna be able to take it. So, these different forms, they all have their strengths and weaknesses. But what we can take a look at — getting back to what I was talking about — the Treasury working together, let’s say with his buddy, Coinbase, on a digital dollar.

Now I think it’s reasonable to believe that we’re gonna have a digital dollar. It’s just so much more convenient. I think it’s what the people want. The scary thing about it is like, for privacy and for civil liberties, that is literally the worst thing. It’s infinitely trackable. Every single dollar you make or spend will be completely trackable. And if say, the Government wants you to turn off your money, they just turn off your money. At least with the dollar, you could have something physical. Or Gold or Silver.

So, it will fundamentally change the way that things work. But do I think it’s coming? Yeah, I do. And I think there’s plenty of evidence showing that it’s coming. As long as, you know, Mnuchin and that whole gang is still in power. So, first thing, many of you know this; the SWIFT System. That’s how all the credit cards, and everything, the money is pushed around the world. And it takes a long time and it’s a very antiquated system. And people have been saying, “Oh, well, they’re gonna ditch that system and move to a different system.” And they’ve been trying to figure out what that is.

But, what it seems like is they’re just going to upgrade the SWIFT. And there is, Chico Crypto was talking about this — very good source of information. ISO-2022. So, that’s SWIFT using Oracle Chainlink System. So it would be involved with the SWIFT system, Oracle, and Chainlink, which is Crypto. Which has been quickly, quickly moving up in the ranks. Here; I’ll take a look at that.

So, the Fed and the Treasury making a digital dollar. Now, would that be based on USDC? You know, there’s a lot of hypothetical things out there. But, it does seem evident that it will be a marriage of Oracle, SWIFT, and Chainlink. And what else comes as part of that, it’s hard to say. So, knowing that, where would you go? I mean, even within that system of Oracle, SWIFT, and Chainlink, we don’t know if any of those, in particular, are going to be, you know, worth billions of dollars or whatever. Oracle, you know, of course, it’s just… we’ve always suspected they have links to inside, to Government. And I think that’s pretty evident.

So, knowing that, how do you move forward? What would you do? It is a difficult question. And frankly, I don’t have an answer. Maybe own a little Chainlink, maybe hard assets. And I think what I’m doing is just working a lot more with my local community. Just getting in touch with local makers. And, I’m in Sacramento starting something called ‘Sac Made’ and just really doing what I can locally. You know, I’m studying this all day. I still can’t figure out exactly the way things are going to go down. So, maybe if you’re gonna get into Crypto, something maybe tied to something real, backed by an asset. Or getting into assets but not financial advice. And, hey, I’d love to hear what you guys think. Hope you have a great day, and see you soon.

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