Welcome to another Money Today. So, as I mentioned in the last video, I’m going to primarily be focusing on the future of money, which I have a lot to talk about. But this particular episode I just really wanted to get it out because we’re really seeing such a pump right now and there’s a lot of confusion. Many people are thinking, “Oh, this is the pre having pump and it’s always done this.” And I just really want to throw some caution out there, not because I’m your financial advisor, but because I actually care. I don’t want to see everybody taken advantage of. And there is such manipulation going on in this market right now that you can’t really go by what’s happened before.

And as we look at what’s happened just in the past 24 hours, we see this huge pump, all of these Cryptocurrencies, huge pump, and then we see it dump off. And I think we’re going to continue to see things like this happening. It’s not just a selloff, in my opinion. Now, all of this is just my opinion and I’m going to play some other people here at the end to back up what I’m trying to say here from a few different perspectives and there’ll be links because I really think you should watch the full videos of everything I post here. I’ve just given you a little snippet and if I ever fail to put something in the notes, please let me know. I really want to give credit due for these amazing people out there.

But in my opinion, the culprit here is Tether and I’m going to back that up. But Tether as I’ve stated so many times is literally the federal reserve of Crypto. They could just print Tether out of nothing. There seems to be nobody minding the store here and that is a huge deal because they literally can get everybody all pumped up and buying in. Oh no, it’s going to the moon and then just pull the rug out from under everybody. And I think that’s what we’re going to see. I think the long-term look for Crypto is obviously really good and Crypto hopefully backed by something physical or something, Bitcoin is backed by the fact that it’s scarce. But I would personally rather see it backed by something that no matter what happens to the Bitcoin, that that will remain. It’s a hard asset. Until we get rid of players like Tether and Tether, I can also say Binance Coin is right here.

You’ve got several other LEO Token. They’re kind of all playing together. A lot of pump and dump schemes out there. A lot of these companies here, they have so much money behind them, yet they’re not really doing anything. It’s just market manipulation at its finest. So, just be cautious. No reason why you shouldn’t be making money in this market. Just make sure you have stop losses. Be careful. Don’t be spending any money that you can’t afford to lose. And hey, you could have just made 25% on your money. If you had 1,000 bucks, you could be walking away with $1.250 today, but if you didn’t have that stop loss, you would have lost a lot of it. All right?

So, it is very important to have your stop-losses in an environment like we’re dealing with right now. That’s just my personal opinion and we will get on with what I was talking about, about just being careful and about the market manipulation. I’m going to give you some other points of view right now and then I will be back probably tomorrow or tonight even for you guys with more on the future of money, which is really heating up, very very interesting stuff. All right, has the best day ever. Bye.

Speaker 1: I see a lot of the same mindset going around and that concerns me, and that mindset is that this Bitcoin halving is about to send Crypto into the moon and beyond. Now guys, historically speaking, the Bitcoin halving has launched Crypto, specifically Bitcoin, to the moon. It was a trigger for the bull cycle because of the supply shock. But right now, in the XRP community, we all understand what the financial system is trying to do. They’re trying to transition into XRP [inaudible – 05:26] liquidity and man, when you see a lot of heard thinking, when you see a lot of logical thinking in Crypto, you know something’s up.

Do you know what it means? It means it makes too much sense. Oh, historically, Bitcoin has risen for the halving. Boom, let’s put money in and then take it out when it moons. No, no, no, no, no, no, no; that is too easy. That’s way too easy. Look guys, let me tell you this. Logically speaking, the Bitcoin halving is a bullish indicator, but right now over the past two years we have seen nothing but irrational market movements in this space and it’s all manipulation. Guys, this is the worst-case scenario. The Bitcoin halving causes the crypto market to crash right before the moonshot and it’s only going to be a short-term crash, to get as many people out as possible.

Speaker 2: Now, I’m not saying we aren’t going to 10k, this is not the prehalving pump because it actually is but it’s built on shadiness and it’s not natural one fricking bit, which is so obvious to see when looking at the declining volume since the mid-March crash, especially with USD. It’s been deflating down week after week, and as of yesterday, we were just over a hundred million in 24-hour USD volume which is peanuts. If you check out yesterday’s Tether volume, nearly $58 billion, and looking at the old USDT, we need to look at an exchange which trades a good majority of these tokens.

Binance, their volume is now over 80% USDT, and looking at Binance’s volume, which is 80% Tether, it has been declining too since March. A declining volume overall and an increasing price. That is weird, wouldn’t you say? You would think with the pump over the past couple days, volume would at least get to half of what it was mid-March. Well, I’ll tell you exactly what is happening. Whales are in the process of liquidating BTC for straight up USD. Most of the USD volume we are seeing is from those whales. They’re doing it undercover, manipulating the prices with Tether. Most of that volume comes from them too, which gets the markets pumping as they need FOMO and the crypto heads still involved to market by their BTC as they slowly liquidate on the USD exchanges.

So, where does this Tether come from? The Tether cartel, which consists of Bitfinex and Friends. So, let’s just go to their exchange, Bitfinex they’re called for BTC since March and see what has happened. Dang, I love BTC. And if we zoom into March, as we can see, they dip from over 176,000 BTC March 1st to just over 113,000 as of yesterday. 35% of the BTC from Bitfinex is gone, or over 52,000 BTC worth nearly half a billion dollars. And in my opinion, this BTC was liquidated for USD across exchanges while the markets were manipulated upwards with printed Tether, hard dumping their BTC while printing USDT. I mean, 1.2 billion of them were minted this month alone. And whoever’s behind all of it, is a criminal mastermind.

There is plenty of evidence that this Pre- Bitcoin Halving is not real. Is Tether up to its old tricks? Let’s discuss

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