“DARQ Power.

Understanding the DNA of DARQ:

Distributed ledger technology.

Artificial intelligence.

Extended reality.

Quantum computing.

New technologies can spark a step change. Is your business ready for what’s next?” – Accenture

So, as I have promised, we finally have our video on Accenture. So, if you haven’t seen the previous two videos on the future of money, or the digital dollar, I will leave a link for the first one right above us and the links will also be in the description if you just want to go check them out in a second.

This is real short and sweet, and if you watch this video and then go back and watch the first two, it won’t really be a problem. You’ll already have the information.

So, Accenture. You know, what this is gonna put together, Accenture is a huge company, as you can see: 509,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries. They’re also working with almost every single top 100 of the Global Fortune 100. So, this is a no-joke company and they’re deeply imbedded in the digital dollar and ID2020 and the Internet of things.

Now, you could add to this, and you’re gonna see for the rest of this video, I’m gonna…it’s gonna kind of introduce Accenture and then it’s gonna go through Oracle Cloud, Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Chainlink, and so on. And if you’ve watched the other videos, you will totally get the connection. This is all connected, where it connects, right? This seems like a very global, I mean, maybe even globalist strategy for the future of currency. They’re working with a lot of the different digital currencies throughout the world, Accenture specifically. And all these others that I mentioned.

And Digital Dollar Project, just so you know, is pretty much Accenture, which is also tied to some government things.

Now, I have not tied it to Mnuchin or Brian Brooks from Coinbase, which, you know, I find very curious. So, of course Coinbase has a lot of these coins on their exchange but can we really make a connection between this whole group of people and Brian Brooks, Steve Mnuchin, and that group that will be working directly with the Treasury? Or, they are the Treasury.

And just so you know, Steve Brooks…or, sorry, Brian Brooks was just named the Comptroller of the Currency.

So, watch this. It’ll go through Accenture and the rest of these names and then I’m going to leave that for this video. And then we’ll continue to dig. But I think you’ll be very, very happy that you have all this information. It is what I would say .04% of the population would know.

Alright. Love you all.

“Hi! We’re Accenture. We’d like to introduce ourselves.

Many organizations know us as one of the world’s leading consulting, technology, and outsourcing companies, serving 95% of the Fortune Global 100.

Accenture helped 116 airports install 10-print fingerprint solutions to increase Homeland Security measures.

Insurance companies worldwide use our proven industry solutions to process 40 million insurance claims every year.

And we work with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that produce the world’s 100 top-selling drugs.”

Haskar Ghosh: “We are significantly stepping up our investment in the Oracle and our Oracle relationship. We are making investment in talent, and we are making an investment in Assets. And one of the initiatives to significantly invest in the Digital Assets and we believe that this will help us with transfer our client business with bringing best of Oracle, best of Accenture together.”

Pat Sullivan: “Oh, we’re very excited because this allows us to take a new model to our clients, not only from helping them design a business case but also to delivery. But we can take the industry process specific for our clients, where it’s also purpose built for Oracle Cloud.

‘So, the solution that we have developed and that we are now offering to the startups in the Oracle Startup Program starts with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

So, for those of you that don’t use the Oracle Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure it’s the infrastructure services provided by Oracle which are similar to other clouds. So, we’re talking here about, you know, basic computer network and storage.

This is a management service for enterprises based on Hyperledger Fabric, right, that has been very successful. So, I can’t really share the numbers, but this thing has been selling very well, right? So, enterprises are signing up for this service to start their blockchain projects, right?

On top of that, in this solution, I add Ethereum clients because in order to get to Chainlink, which, again, is gonna be the midway between the Oracle blockchain platform and the startup’s APIs, I need to go to Ethereum.”

Well, I don’t think there’s really much more to say on that. As you could see, Accenture is a major player and all of these things come together.

So, we’ll get more into maybe XRP and Ripple and Stellar next. I believe they have a part to play here in cross-border payments. And maybe at some point we’ll make a map where we can see where all of this flows together.

Hey, I appreciate everybody. Love you all.

“Oh, look at that! You cannot beat that for a first prize! Well…you can’t, but I can.”

This is Part 3 of The Central Bank Digital Dollar series.

Accenture, Oracle, Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Chainlink.

Part 1 – The Central Bank Digital Dollar https://youtu.be/Ya9mRZ4wylM

DARQ Power: https://youtu.be/ZdZN2IUPTmU

Oracle Chainlink Cloud Expo https://youtu.be/-anJElEalNc

Accenture and Oracle: https://youtu.be/Keoi4_lHgFg

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