We continue our dive into The Central Bank Digital Dollar. Ethereum, Unibright, Oracle, Baseline, Hyperledger, r3Corda are all connected. Yes, the big banks are all part of the digital dollar project as well. If you want to know what our next currency will look like, you won't find a better source.

The Central Bank Digital Dollar P2

Well, this is actually part two of a video going into the digital dollar and some of the players. I am definitely going to get into a video just of Accenture but there’s some more players here that are involved, and you definitely should see the first one before getting into this or some of the names might be confusing. I hate to do that, but it’s just part of the deal. This is a super exciting subject, but the content sometimes can be a little boring, especially if you don’t know the players.

So, let me play a video here of Blythe Masters, Digital Asset, and we’ll go down this rabbit hole. See you in a sec.

Kevin Batteh: So, welcome back to the DC Blockchain Summit. My name’s Kevin Batteh, I serve as the policy director for the Chamber. I’m also a partner in Delta Strategy Group which is a DC-based government relations government affairs firm. I’d like to introduce Blythe Masters.

She’s the CEO of Digital Asset Holdings, a New York-based distributed ledger technology company. I’m sure many of you are familiar with Digital Asset Holdings. They’re doing some cutting-edge work in the distributed ledger space, which you’ll hear more about today. Blythe is also the Chairman of the governing board of the Linux Foundation Hyperledger Project and a member of the International Advisory Board of Santander Group and advisory board member of the Chamber of Digital Commerce.

Blythe previously served as a senior executive at JPMorgan, where she built their commodity business. As a recovering derivatives lawyer myself, I’m probably personally most impressed with the fact that she’s widely credited with having created the first credit default swap.

So, Blythe Masters, a few years ago, resigned as the CEO of Digital Asset. The fact that Masters is not waiting for a replacement means there’s more to come on this story. She is a battle-hardened Wall Street executive and moved from JPMorgan to lead Digital Asset as CEO in 2015, year after its founding.

Okay, so I just figured it was important — credit default swap, Blythe Masters, Digital Asset. The core of Digital Asset’s offering is DAML, an intuitive smart-contract programming language used to digitize multi-party agreements and automated transactions in a precise and secure manner. Just another layer in all of this when it comes to finance, banking, IDs, medical…? Well, I guess we’ll all find out.

So, I figure you should know a little bit about Digital Asset. Here’s some of the players involved:

Zohar Hod, I believe. Chief Strategy Officer. Zohar was previously CEO true PTS, an independent post-trade processing and product-agnostic venue that delivered operational and processing benefits for global derivatives. So, it gets into super derivatives yada yada yada…

Another player, Chief Marketing Officer of Digital Assets, Dan O’Prey. Dan was the CEO and co-founder of Hyperledger – keep that in mind. The first permissioned ledger and first distributed ledger technology without a cryptocurrency, which was acquired by Digital Asset in 2015. Prior to Hyperledger, Dan lived in Beijing where he was the CEO and co-founder or VisualOps by—

—a venture backed visual cloud management and automation tool for Amazon Web Services.

Okay. Keep that in mind and we’ll take a look at the DAML, Digital Asset DAML, and Hyperledger Sawtooth. R3 Corda, keep that in mind as well. Amazon Aurora, we’re seeing already how Amazon is connected here, actually in Beijing. And Hyperledger Fabric.

Interviewer: As you look ahead into the next 12 months — and you are I are back here next year for another Davos — what are…you know, just predictions.

Interviewee: What I am excited to see in the next year, and my prediction, is that you will see major players that we haven’t seen very active in this space, especially in technology and financial services, will ramp up the pace. Because what they have been doing is a lot of due diligence and a lot of developmental work behind the scenes but haven’t necessarily felt obliged to really do PRs and put their name out there. So, I’m at least aware of one or two of them that are going to make some big headways into this space. And then, to be honest, I think that Accenture is leading the front, if you think about identity, all the announcement with central banks.

This is David Treat from Accenture. So basically, in the interview yesterday with Chris Giancarlo was nothing but an echo chamber. These guys are working together on the digital dollar project, right?

So, David Treat. We should know who this gentleman is. Seems nice enough, but Dave Treat is the Senior Managing Director, co-Lead of Accenture Blockchain Business, and Accenture Lead of the NY Fintech Innovation Lab. ‘Financial Technology.’ Dave has over 20 years’ experience of financial services roles, spanning capital markets, retail banking, cards. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Linux Hyperledger Project…hm…Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Global Blockchain Business Council, and the ID2020 Alliance. As a member of the World Economic Forum and C4IR Blockchain Council, which I actually don’t know what that is yet, and is a program advisor for the Chamber of Digital Commerce. David also serves as the program advisor for the World Economic Forum’s Digital Identity Initiative and the Known Traveler Digital Identity Project.

So, it’s very curious and we’re gonna get into this. There is a lot of ties — obviously Hyperledger, almost everybody — but also with Digital ID. This comes up over and over and over. So, this channel isn’t really about all that. It’s about the digital dollar and that’s what we’re gonna stick to, but I figured some of you might want to look into that.

Now, how did we get to Tesla? Well, as usual, Chico Crypto, or Tyler, right as I’m making this video, he makes one here on Tesla’s future blockchain partner revealed. And this is an amazing video, I’ll leave it in the description, you should watch it anyway, about kind of the future of electricity. And there’s some great possibilities here. It could be very positive.

What I found interesting…and I’ve mentioned before, there’s kind of this group, right? we’re talking about Ethereum, Unibright, Chainlink, Oracle, Baseline, Hyperledger Fabric — which is Linux — R3 Corda, and then you get, like, you know, Microsoft and, funny enough, Duke University. There’s some other players involved but the main ones are the ones I have mentioned above, and they just keep coming up. And so, what are we…

At the end of the video, you will see Baseline Protocol comes up. And of course, Baseline…if you look at it, Ethereum Alliance, ConsenSys, which you do find quite a bit as well, but… Ethereum Foundation, Chainlink, and Unibright. So, lots of connections there already. And also, with Baseline, you look at who their founding group…you see Duke University and Microsoft, and then also…who are very much into Digital ID, that’s kind of where that heads into.

But then also, you see the new stakeholders. Energy Web Foundation. Well, that’s the electricity provider, basically, that Elon Musk is putting together. So, it all just comes around, doesn’t it? I’m sure a lot of these other companies here, if you were to look into them, it all just ties in together. It’s really fun to kind of see where this is all going, and the fact that almost nobody even knows about it.

Again, it’s not the most exciting content, but looking into it is pretty cool to be able to see what’s going on behind the scenes that is likely, if the bankers get their way, anyway, to be the next dollar. And it will be a global dollar.

And so, you know, another article: Accenture, SAP to use Corda for central bank real-time gross settlements. I added that towards the end just to let you know, a lot of this stuff you’re not gonna find on CoinMarketCap. You know, is it really like the big banks to just want to, like, have coins where everybody can make money? Or are they gonna keep things private? And there may be some private/public things going on here. Maybe Chainlink becomes the public one and R3 Corda becomes the private. That’s a lot to go into. I think Accenture has a lot to do with all of this, so I’ll try and dive into that next, but I hope you learned something in this video, and I appreciate you all. Love you.

Part 1: https://youtu.be/Ya9mRZ4wylM

We continue our dive into The Central Bank Digital Dollar. Ethereum, Unibright, Oracle, Baseline, Hyperledger, r3Corda are all connected. Yes, the big banks are all part of the digital dollar project as well. If you want to know what our next currency will look like, you won’t find a better source.

Tesla is working on Virtual Power Plants https://youtu.be/_VLLYkPu3wQ

Digital Dollar Project https://www.digitaldollarproject.org/

Digital Asset https://digitalasset.com/company/

Baseline https://docs.baseline-protocol.org/co…

Davos Yuvol Rooz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7M3jb…

Blythe Masters https://youtu.be/xlyI3R7XvX8

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