In the Central Bank Digital Dollar series I talked about Accenture, Oracle, Hyperledger, Ethereum, Chainlink, R3 Corda, Baseline, Unibright and others. Did I leave out Ripple and Stellar? Although I do see a good use case for both, I am not seeing them in the same conversations. What do you think?

The Central Bank Digital Dollar – XRP/Ripple and Stellar/XLM

Alright, XRP, you made me do it.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say XRP, Ripple XRP is a cryptocurrency and it is, you know, kind of the bank’s cryptocurrency. And the other side of that would be Stellar Lumens. These are two similar cryptocurrencies, very good, made for cross-border payments. As far as I can tell, they work great. Ripple has some good bank contacts and is being used in some banks, and Stellar, I have used myself. It works really well, very cheap, very easy, and I hope it succeeds because it’s actually very good.

The problem I have is that the XRP Ripple fans are just out of control. Come on, even…guys, if you’re XRP people listening or you’re one of the channels, you’ve got to admit, you guys are a little bit insane. I mean, every time something comes up in the digital dollar digital space, you just…whatever it is, you just add XRP to it and call it what’s happening for XRP even if it has nothing to do with XRP.

Let me give you an example, but pretty much all of the channels are like this, although this might be a little extreme. Listen to this.

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen! This is the Bearable Bull here, and I’ve got this aggressively average content today. And to start off this video, I must refer you back to this video I made two days ago about Donald Trump bankrupting the FED into the XRP economy. If you haven’t seen this video already, please do so because it shows the perfect plan in place right now to bring on XRP adoption with Trump’s stimulus package towards Americans, towards businesses, etcetera.  This is socialist monetary policy at play. Look at the 0% interest rates, guys.

I need you guys all to remember the Ripple liquidity injections and also understand that Donald Trump has declared bankruptcy about five times. This man knows how to handle debt and I think what he’s trying to do is bankrupt us into prosperity. It’s an absolute joke. It sounds ridiculous. It sounds disgusting. Who cares? I think we end up winning at the end. The people will end up winning at the end. I don’t think this is gonna be as bad as people make it out to be. I think after this crisis is over, we’re gonna end up in the new digital quantum financial system, and that’s gonna bring more prosperity to people than anything that’s ever existed before.

You can call me optimistic, but this is the plan I see playing out. Time will settle all arguments, and it’s better to be cautiously optimistic than to be pessimistic about life.

Now, with that being said, guys, we have Donald Trump screaming to the XRP community exactly what we need to hear. It hasn’t been the grand unveiling yet, but it’s getting closer and closer to our magical day.

Alright, so you kind of get what I mean, and there’s so many of these channels. Like, if you’re into crypto at all, you’ll see them everywhere and if you click on one by mistake, they’re gonna appear all over your board.

And I’m not against XRP Ripple although, you know, I really don’t like it. I think I prefer Stellar myself.

But in all my research…and you know, I just did this digital dollar series. If you haven’t listened to it, you should. I see a lot of Accenture, Oracle Cloud, Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Chainlink, Baseline, Unibright…a lot of connections that are just so blatant. Like, wherever you look, you can’t even…oh, R3 Corda. You can’t get away from it when you look at it. Ripple XRP almost never comes up.

But I did find this – you know, Ripple and Accenture do have some connections, so I don’t want to say there’s none. And it’s for cross-border payments which, like, again, I say is pretty good. The unbanked. It may very well be what all of the Ripple people are saying. It’s just what I have a problem with is that, every time digital news comes up; for them, it’s always about XRP but it ends up not being at all.

But I can’t help but watch some of these channels like the one I just showed you, Bearable Bull, because it has really great information – it just doesn’t have anything to do with XRP.

But, you know, take that for what it’s worth. I’m kind of glad that these channels are out there bringing up the latest in information. I would say Chico Crypto, Tyler over there is the absolute best when it comes to this news. Even though I have more information, I don’t have as big a channel.

So, I just had to talk about that with XRP. Now, I am gonna show you…this video is kind of the anti, or actually just kind of explaining what XRP Ripple is, and this is somebody who’s not a fan. But they’re selling Bybit, which is also something I think is crap. But at least it gives you good a contrast, right? And it also tells you a lot more about Ripple, the good and the bad…mostly bad.

“What the hell is up with XRP? That’s the question many of you are no doubt asking. Indeed, I sometimes find it hard to believe that XRP had an all-time high of almost $4 in the altcoin bull run. Ah, those were the days…

But it’s not just that. As some other altcoins appear to have been in recovery, XRP has continued its relatively lackluster performance. Indeed, this year has seen it as one of the worst performing major altcoins. So, the question remains: why?”

I’ll leave you with that, and just had to get that off my chest and we’ll get back onto the digital dollar stuff next episode. Thanks.

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