Today we begin a discussion about Silver. What is it? What is the history behind it? Types to own, when to buy, etc...

Argentum, Argento, Plata, Silver. In any language, it is one of the most widely used and indispensable precious metals in modern society. Through history, silver has played a key role in many of civilizations’ greatest advancements. Silver, The Element Of Change.

Silver, silver, silver, we always talk about silver in connection to gold, but I think for the next week we’re just going to do a deep dive into silver itself, as deep as we can get. So, maybe 7 to 10 episodes about 10 minutes each, or so, just on silver, like, what is it, what is the historic value of silver and why, what is the value of silver today and what are its uses? Should you own it? What are the things to be worried about or what are the things to be hopeful about? How are governments dealing with silver, per major country? ETFs, mines, paper versus physical, different types of physical, pretty much everything that you can think about when it comes to silver, we’re going to discuss this week.

And if some major news breaks about something, then I’ll just jump over to that for a day and then we’ll get right back into it. But in the end, I’m hoping that we’ll have kind of a definitive guide, or at least for 2020, on silver. And if that goes well, then, of course, we will do one on gold, as well. There are other precious metals we might look into in the future, but silver and gold will be our first two major topics. Maybe we could do the same on fiat and crypto. For the people who want to know the in depth thoughts and reasons behind each type of investment, at least as far as gold, silver, crypto and fiat, will at least have a deep understanding, so we know where to go from there.

So, I guess that’s all we need to talk about when it comes to the first episode. If you do have any questions or comments on silver, or things you would like to know, please write a question in and I’ll try to make sure to cover that. And with that, I guess I will see you in the next episode, will be the first and the beginning episode on silver. Alright, thank you.

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