We are told Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin. And if it was NOT him, the founder of bitcoin was Dave Kleiman, Nick Szabo, Craig Wright, Hal Finney, Dorian Nakimoto. But who has the most to gain from Bitcoins or Blockchain adoption?

Hey, welcome to another Money Today. Today I thought we would go a little bit conspiracy and talk about one of my favorite subjects, which is the origin of banking money and cryptocurrency. You’re going to see a lot of theories out there, so I might as well have my own, right? And let’s see if I don’t back that up. I want you to follow along with me and if you find anything that I’m saying doesn’t make sense to you, then please look it up and then give me some feedback. Because I think this is a very important subject for us.

Now, there’s some great videos out there and I’m going to post one in the description, The Infographics Show does a really great job of explaining what we know, this kind of weird, mysterious venture through Satoshi Nakamoto around 2008 creating Bitcoin. Then the possibilities of these other people who might have created Bitcoin or had been part of that creation, such as Craig Wright, Dave Kleinman, Hal Finney, Dorian Nakamoto, Nick Szabo. Now, a few of these people have of course passed away, some of them a little mysteriously, and the story of Craig Wright, actually just an absolute hilarious story, actually one of my first videos I did, at least we got a little bit into Craig Wright, it’s a pretty interesting story.

But I really wanted to go into who created Bitcoin, who most likely either created it or grabbed on that idea and decided to run with it. And I’m going to say it right out there, I think it was DARPA. It would make the most sense. Now, let’s take a look at DARPA. Some of the inventions that DARPA has come up with. Let’s started out with the internet. Some of you may have known it was not Al Gore and a series of tubes, actually the internet created by DARPA. I’ll leave this in the link if you want to read it all.

Windows, alright, so all of a sudden we’ve got the internet, and now we’ve got Windows. So, Bill Gates, billionaire, we see all these usual players out there, but the actual creator was you, if you’re a tax paying citizen. And then given to these people who become billionaires.

So then we’ve got, what? Google Maps? Wait, that’s like the most important company in the entire world right now, probably have the most control as far as a corporation goes, would be Google. But look here, we’ve got Google Maps, DARPA.

Siri, hm, a lot of you guys are talking to something created by DARPA. I guess I should mention what is DARPA. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. To maintain the technological superiority of the US Military. So, as you can see, many of the greatest inventions, especially the ones who do the best to keep track of us, were created by DARPA.

Unix and the Cloud, the becoming more and more intertwined with all of these.

Also, DARPA created GPS, also a big part of what is going on the Google and Siri, and the mix of the internet in all of this. GPS, being able to know where you are at all times. Now, I happen to have been in the Marines during Desert Storm, and I remember using the GPS. It wasn’t very good, but I remember actually using the beginnings of that, back, I guess it was 1990. So, another DARPA.

And then Facebook actually was Lifelog, which was CIA. So there’s another possibility, but I got my money on DARPA at this point, or it could have just been the bankers. We can’t really leave the banking cartel out of this, because many of you, I hope, if you have not read the creature from Jekyll Island, it’s absolutely a must read for anybody that is learning about banking and finances and where all this Federal Reserve system came from. In fact, I’ve never recommended it to anyone and had them come back with one single thing they could find that wasn’t true about it.

So, if you can find anything in that book that you don’t think is true, then please bring it to me. But, that book basically goes into the fact that the bankers created the Federal Reserve system. So, in the early 1900s they came out against the Federal Reserve system saying that it was going to destroy the banks. Little did we know that it was the bankers who actually wrote the Federal Reserve system and implemented it through Woodrow Wilson.

So, why can’t this be the same idea? We’ve got Satoshi Nakamoto. In 30 years maybe they’ll come out and say, yeah, we created it, when it’s too late. Which, again, is exactly what they have done before, about 100 years ago, interesting. Also interesting the SWIFT system, the banking system, transactions, the ledgers for electronic payments, it was breaking down, it was just too antiquated and not built for what we’re doing today in the financial world today.

Now along comes this thing that’s cryptocurrency, distributed ledger, something that is infinitely trackable, every single transition is logged and will be there forever. Now, of course they say it’s encrypted, well, what better encryption are you going to find than the US military? I don’t think there is a better encryption technology than probably the US military has.

So, this is my reasoning thinking that probably the US military is the most likely culprit for creating the crypto system or the distributed ledger system, or the blockchain system, or any of these infinitely trackable systems of not just money, but smart contracts and so many other things. It will be products, it will be people, you can track everything infinitely, and it will go along together with things like SIRI and Google Maps and the World Wide Web.

So, it may get into a little conspiracy, and I apologize, this channel really isn’t about that, but I thought it was such an interesting topic, and I think it’s very important to us going forward, especially if you are somebody that is a Freedom First, or Libertarian. Those were kind of the first people to get on board with crypto and if we’re shown in our face that that is maybe the worst idea for freedom and for libertarian views, and I’m not necessarily saying that’s my view, but I do tend towards freedom, and I think most of us do. So, it’s a very interesting subject and I hope that you will give me some feedback on that and let me know if you want to dig deeper. Alright.

It’s easy, it’s easy, you sit there, air conditioned room, click, click, click, click, click, click, click and drag this, mother scratcher.

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